Youth Inclusion

The importance of Youth Inclusion.

What is the merit of youth inclusion?  It is noted that young people are largely affected by social and economic challenges and yet are largely sidelined during the planning and execution of programmes that affect them. Global development partners have acknowledged the importance of youth inclusion as a pathway to sustainable development. In order to create a more inclusive society, it is crucial to increase youth involvement in decision making processes. The creation of safe and welcoming spaces for young people is essential in increasing their participation in civil society.

There are ethical reasons for youth inclusion and these are based on the rights to decision making surrounding their lives. Young people have a duty to ensure their representation and meaningful involvement in development issues that affect them. The concept of meaningful youth engagement has been strongly highlighted in literature. It enhances trust and credibility for organizations, given that they are often seen as influential contributors to societal development.

Additionally, youth inclusion is integral to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Recognizing the vital role of youth in this agenda, organizations can enable them to become agents of change and contribute to progress by involving them as partners. Young people are energetic and willing to change society into a form that preserves their future and opportunities are key in supporting them realize their potential. It is thus premised on good grounds that organizations and communities increasingly support the youth cause as a social imperative.

It is essential that institutions and communities adopt a youth centered approach that advocates for youth rights and increased opportunities for meaningful co-existence. This includes creating of youth spaces where young people can interact, promoting youth centered research, involving youth in decision-making processes, fostering a supportive culture, and actively listening to their concerns.

Moving forward, it is essential to promote meaningful youth engagement, the creation of equal opportunities for youth participation in development, offering the necessary resources and support, and amplification of youth voices. It is necessary that programmes and projects commit to supporting young people and resourcing advocacy for their rights especially in the developing countries where the divide is even more exposed.

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