Global Health

Bodmando is dedicated to improving health outcomes and realizing the advancement in global health through community engagement, innovative programs, and building of public health partnerships. We concentrate on addressing the world’s most urgent health challenges, such as reducing disease transmission, addressing the problems of non-communicable diseases, promoting vaccination programmes, improving Maternal New Born and Child Health, developing health policies and strategies amongst others. We aim to develop and execute successful health initiatives that bring about long-term change. Our people centered approach to Global Health is collaborative and sustainable and we work with communities and health professionals to identify the root causes of health problems and we co-create evidence-based initiatives that address their unique needs. Our Global Health team, comprises of experienced technical experts with specialties in health systems strengthening, epidemiology, vaccination programming, non-communicable diseases, nutrition and Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health. We provide technical assistance and support capacity strengthening for health systems and further empower local partners for maximum sustainability.

In brief, our specialties in global health include the following;

  • Political Economy Analysis
  • Health financing
  • Health systems strengthening
  • Disease epidemiology
  • Vaccination programming
  • Non-communicable disease prevention and control
  • Nutrition
  • Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights.
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