Global health addresses prevalent global health vulnerabilities that transcend national borders. Global health is a multidimensional issue, which elicits an interdisciplinary, multi-agency and multidimensional response. Various organizations and actors are in search of theoretical frameworks, and practice methodologies to allow them meet global health needs. The need for health workers to critically engage and solve health inequities within social, economic, cultural, and political contexts internationally is essential to bring change in the lives of those impacted by global health inequities. Bodmando is well positioned to address these needs through international health research  practice and the dissemination of professional global standards to advocate for just policies, practices and to promote equity and inclusiveness of all social groups.

Education is noted to be a social determinant of health and advancement in the quality of education is key to social economic development. Our consultants lead multiple on-site engagements in all education segments: Early Childhood Education, Primary, Secondary and Higher Education. We combine primary research with advanced analytics and strategy consulting to assist clients achieve growth opportunities and the intended education outcomes including the developing countries. We work with education institutions, governments, investors and vocational training providers and carry out original research to better understand the toughest challenges, and build new capabilities that ensure that the target educational outcomes are realized.

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