Baseline Evaluation of the Bloom Project

According to the Uganda Population Based HIV Impact Assessment Survey conducted from February 2020 through March 2021, adolescent girls and young women are noted to be disproportionately affected by HIV because of their unequal social, cultural and economic status in society. These challenges include gender based violence, laws and policies that undermine women, and harmful cultural and traditional practices that reinforce stigma and the dynamic of male dominance. It is reported by the Ministry of Health that between 2010 and 2020, about 29% of all new HIV infections were amongst adolescent girls and young women, despite representing just 10% of the total population.

The Bloom project in Uganda

Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland is a Dutch non-profit organization that also operates internationally. It works with communities as equals and conducts research in addition to ensuring that HIV, AIDS and STIs remain high on the agenda worldwide.  As a bold and courageous funder, Aidsfonds mobilises its own and other funders’ resources to effectively fund community-led responses. Aidsfonds and its community-based partners in Uganda conceptualised the “The Bloom project” with a goal of “A healthy life for children exposed to HIV and their young mothers living with HIV (aged 10-24) in Uganda”. The Bloom project runs from June 2023 until May 2026, and it is implemented by (3) local implementing partners namely; Community Health Alliance Uganda (CHAU), Uganda Young Positives (UYPs) and Joy Initiatives Uganda (JOYI)).

Objectives of the baseline evaluation

Aidsfonds – Soa Aids Nederland contracted Bodmando Consulting Group to lead a baseline evaluation of the Bloom project in Uganda. The evaluation which was conducted in late 2023 had two main goals which included the following;

  • To conduct and document a baseline analysis of the status of paediatric HIV prevention,  treatment and support services in the target areas. This was focused on collecting corresponding hard data to be able to keep track of and evaluate the project’s progress and impact.
  • To identify the challenges of young mothers living with HIV and their children in accessing HIV information and care, and to provide guidance on how these challenges can be addressed. Specifically, insight into factors that hinder or enable the finding, testing, treatment and retention in care of young mothers living with HIV and their children.

About the Author:

Bodmando Consulting Group (Registration Number: 80034357969942) is a registered international development and humanitarian consulting enterprise headquartered in Wakiso district, Central Uganda but with a team of 15 field staff spread across East and West Africa, South Asia and the MENA region.

We are a women led research institution that designs innovative solutions to tackle poverty, health inequities, gender inequality and social injustice using an intersectional lens and human centered design.

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